Engaged and getting married. In Amsterdam, you have to announce your intention to marry at the very least 6 days prior to the ceremony.

Engaged and getting married. In Amsterdam, you have to announce your intention to marry at the very least 6 days prior to the ceremony.

The term that is formal this will be building a ‘Declaration of Marriage’. Year this declaration is valid for one.

Getting married: 3 things you’ll want to arrange

You need to arrange with the City if you would like to get married in Amsterdam, there are 3 things:

  1. Declare your intention to marry
  2. Set a romantic date and location
  3. Record your witnesses

1. Declare your intention to marry into the authorities that are municipal

In Amsterdam, you have to declare your wedding at the very least 6 days ahead of the ceremony. The declaration is submitted online or during a consultation at a populous city workplace.

To obtain married within the Netherlands, you’ll want to fulfill four requirements:

  • You have to both be aged 18 years or older.
  • You might not be hitched or perhaps in a authorized partnership with some other person.
  • You may never be straight associated with one another. Friends and family cannot marry or (grand)parent/(grand)child.
  • Certainly one of you have to be Dutch or formally residing in the Netherlands.

It is possible to announce your wedding online if:

  • You might be both Dutch and both of you everyday lives in holland.
  • The two of you have a DigiD.

With the appointment for setting a date and location if you can’t or don’t want to declare your marriage online, you can combine it.

If neither of you everyday lives within the Netherlands, you shall need certainly to declare your intention to marry within the Hague. Contact the City Office when you look at the Hague to learn more about how it operates: call 14 visit that is 070or after that procedure, you will get married in Amsterdam.

2. Setting a location and date for the wedding party

You will need to go to a populous City workplace face-to-face to create a night out together and location, and also you need a scheduled appointment to do this. Nonetheless, this visit may also be with the visit when it comes to Declaration of Marriage.

3. Recording your witnesses

You shall require at the least 2 visitors to witness the marriage ceremony. The maximum wide range of witnesses is 4 per wedding. It is possible to regulate how you may like to circulate the witnesses (by assigning them to 1 partner or perhaps one other).

  • All witnesses should be 18 years or older.
  • Witnesses don’t have to hold Dutch nationality, nor do they need to be residents associated with the Netherlands.

It’s this that you want

To declare your intention to marry at A city Office or on line, you will require:

Partner not provide?

If for example the partner will not show up in to the City workplace, you will require:

  • A finalized declaration from your own partner they are happy to marry you.
  • A passport that is valid ID card or driving licence for the partner. Should your partner is residing abroad, you are able to bring a copy along of these legitimate evidence of identification. You will have to show the first document at a date that is later.

Additional papers often required

If you don’t all of your personal stats are placed in the Personal that is municipal Records, you’re going to be asked to supply extra papers. Which papers are required depends upon exactly exactly what info is perhaps not placed in the Municipal private Records Database. Should you not reside in holland, you need to submit a delivery certificate and a declaration demonstrating that you will be maybe not hitched.

Papers in a language?

In case the papers aren’t obtainable in Dutch, French, German or English, it is important to have them translated with a translator/interpreter that is certified. The document may should also be authenticated. In the event that document was translated abroad, you shall must also have the translation authenticated. See documents that are authenticating www. Netherlandsandyou.nl to get more details.

Recording your witnesses later on?

Maybe Not certainly who your witnesses is likely to be once you set the date and location? You are able to record your witnesses later on. The spot that the wedding party will be held determines where you will need to head to record your witnesses:

  • Will the ceremony take a City workplace (municipal wedding hallway or conference space)? You will need to go to that City workplace using the information that is relevant. You certainly do not need to produce a consultation, but can get right to the appointments desk whenever you arrive.
  • Will the ceremony be at the state wedding location somewhere else within the town (personal wedding location)? Then visit the City workplace in the middle District aided by the appropriate information. You shall have to make a consultation. Phone the town of Amsterdam’s information line14 020Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00to result in the visit. This visit cannot be planned online.

Wedding places and costs

Formal wedding location

  • Location: formal wedding place
  • Duration: optimum of just one hour
  • Expenses: beginning with Ђ740

The registrar that is civil started to the ceremony location for no more than one hour. He/she shall contact one to talk about the solution.

Municipal wedding places


  • Location: municipal wedding hallway
  • Duration: optimum of just one hour
  • Expenses: Ђ779

The number that is maximum of varies according to the capability associated with wedding hallway.

The registrar that is civil contact you to definitely talk about your requirements.

City workplace registrations

  • Location: conference space
  • Duration: optimum of ten full minutes
  • Expenses: Ђ166

No visitors. No professional photographer.

Totally totally Free enrollment

  • Location: municipal wedding hallway
  • Duration: optimum of ten minutes
  • Expenses: none

Optimum of 20 guestsNo ceremonial message

Wedding officiant for every single day

If you’d like to possess a relative, friend or acquaintance perform the marriage ceremony, it’s possible to have them appointed as a wedding officiant for on a daily basis. More details about arranging anyone to repeat this for you personally can be acquired under a married relationship officiant for a(in Dutch) day.

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